Sir Tar Ava

Air Genasi, Druid & Charlatan


Allow me to introduce myself. Sir Tar Ava is my name, “Ava” being my first name. The sequence of words however is historically defined with my tribe, and I must respect that.

I’m a Genasi, with the surrounding Air being my best friend. We live by the Air, we respect Air. Air is the beginning and the end. Air is my faithful companion, with the same blue shade as my pale blue complexion. Air will always flow through me, even when i’m holding my breath. Whenever I move, a faint gust of Air will seem to be moving my tunic. My leather armour beneath it just simply exhales quality. While i’m not ‘really’ noble born, I should have been.

I’m also as fast as Air itself. You will not see me cheating you out of some petty cash. Dice are my best friends. A trait I inherited from a previous life.

Now I focus on doing good. The way of the Druids are now also mine. Remember that next time you see a wild Wolf with a sapphire fur or a mighty zaffre bear defending the innocent under a full Moon.

Sir Tar Ava

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